‘The way a wedding should be’ is the way I would describe last night’s wedding. It’s only a couple of weeks since our last wedding at The Glass House Staining and the venue and the guests were on absolute top form! The party was in full swing as we arrived to set up so we knew we were going to be in for an entertaining night! 

After the cake cutting we played Ed Sheeran’s ‘Tererife Sea’ for Beth and Adam, the bride and groom’s first dance swiftly followed by our first song of the evening, Mr Brightside. We invited the guests to join the bride and groom half way through the first dance and the dance floor was full all the way through our first set. As soon as we finished the bride wanted us to start our second set straight away rather than wait until later on so we obliged. We had a 5 minute break and then straight back on for set 2 of 3! We ended up doing a third set at this wedding which we hadn’t planned (luckily we had extra songs we had learned during lock down) but when you have a crowd so up for it, doing a bit more is a pleasure!

Beth and her bridesmaids sang Proud Mary as well as Mustang Sally and the father of the bride got involved as well singing a few Queen tracks later on in a mini ‘bandeoke’ session.

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