AUGUST 13, 2018

Last night we were up in the Lakes at The Inn on the Lake, by Ullswater. WOW! the whole area is stunning and so dramatic. This is the second time we have performed at this venue and it was just as an amazing setting as the first time.

The bride and groom opted for us to perform their first dance which was a version of Stand by me by the band ‘Imagine Dragons’. Then after that it was straight into the first set. What a fab crowd, they were dancing from the get-go! 

During the break, the groomsmen organised with us for the groom to perform his party piece which was to sing ‘Star Trekkin’ across the Universe’. (See video). Awsome!

The second set was much the same as the first with a full dancefloor. We had to get the blushing bride up on stage to do Mustand Sally though and she must have got the taste for it because after we finished our set she led a half hour karaoke session with her bridesmaids, kicking off with Celine Dion classic, Think twice!

Great night and a long trip back home to Blackpool.

All the best for the future! Paul, Chris & Andy! XXX

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