JUNE 5, 2018

Last week we performed at Kim and Jo’s wedding. The venue was The Apple Store in Scorton. This place has just taken the top spot in my personal favourite wedding venues. It is set in incredible surroundings. Gorgeous meadows, a lake and loads of wooded areas. The actual wedding venue itself has a sort of shabby-chic feel about it, perfect for a rustic, slightly different type of wedding.

From the second we arrived the bride and groom were extremely accommodating, offering us to help ourselves to food and drink. We were DJ’ing as well as playing our live sets and Jo (the bride) had given us a list of songs she definitely wanted to be played so we made sure these were downloaded & ready for the big day.

The dance floor was full all night and a fab time was had by all.

Congratulation Jo and Kim! 

Paul, Chris & Andy xx

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