JUNE 19, 2017

Well, last Saturday nights 50th birthday party for Elaine was an absolutely brilliant night! We performed at Elaine’s husband Tony’s 50th back in 2015 and that was a top night too so we knew what to expect and they didn’t disappoint!

The weather was perfect! It was around 22degrees during the day so by the evening it had just cooled down enough to be comfortable, having said that we were all sweating our b***s off after the first song! John, our 4th member (and driver) predictably forgot his coat and had to run to the car later to get his blanket to stay warm! (see pics)

When we arrived, the whole roast pig was just being served which looked and tasted as good as the pictures show! 

Elaine and Tony had put up a huge marquee in their back garden which was attached to their out-house. There was a full bar, games, karaoke, a pizza oven serving home made pizza (obviously) for the wee hours when everyone got hungry again.. and us! This party was epic. 

And what a great audience. Everyone was up dancing for the entire night! We had injuries, fancy dress, all sorts! I’m sure the neighbours were invited as Im not sure they would have approved of the 4 kilowatts of music pumping out in rural Hambleton!

During the second set, we were given some wigs to wear on stage, (see more pics). (I think I quite suited mine)

Hopefully we will see them again for their 55th birthday celebrations! Don’t think we could wait till 60, their parties are that good!

Paul, Chris and Andy

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